When planning a special event, no matter what
kind, you are only limited by your imagination!

Entertainment agencies can save you a lot of time when hiring entertainers for your event.

A good entertainment booking agency will offer you options you didn’t even know you needed. Choose one and stick with them year after year. The agency will get to know your brand and will continue to make great recommendations.

For example. Hiring a band personally would require you to do all the groundwork – locating bands geographically available to you, shortlisting them or looking for reliable recommendations, interviewing, checking references, booking and then hoping they perform on the date hired.


An agency can help you choose the best entertainment to fit your event. You are also able to review the performers’ work including photos or videos, which the agency can provide to help you make a decision. Since their reputation is on the line, you can typically be confident they are only using well-trained professionals.

The RSDivas Creative Agency, supplies the best in the business. Providing the perfect party enhancement for all occasions; day or night, as one of the Canada premier entertainment agencies offering the finest range of talent for corporate event and wedding entertainment.

Choose the best entertainment for the best parties!

Is to deliver a client message and we have the imagination and know how to create a truly memorable experience to create your perfect vision

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  • Nominated 2017 for Best Live Entertainment by Canadian Special Events - CSE
  • Reader’s Choice Award 2014 for Best Live Entertainment Toronto.

  • Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Award Winner for Best Live Entertainment.

  • Top Choice Award for Best Live Entertainment in Canada 2009. 2010. 2011.