Backup Dancers

Backup dancers are essential to creating the excitement and authenticity of a live any performance. We have the most talented dancers and best choreographers in the city who are available for every type of booking. Our Backup dancers provide a visual symmetry and rhythm to accompany the music and singer.

Let us put shape to your sound and help light your stage up with our brilliant roster of professionally trained backup dancers. We work along side your team like complimentary colors, to a highlight and accentuate your focal point. Experienced in working with every imaginable stage and set design, we provide slick, well rehearsed and energizing performances. Custom choreography is our specialty, however we are also available to learn your pre-set routines. We work under your direction, to give vibrant life to your exact vision.

It’s our job to accompany a lead performer — a Dancer, for instance, a Singer or even an Actor — by dancing with him or her on screen or on stage, adding depth and dimension to a piece of choreography.

Our backup dancers are available for musical revues and stage productions, including concerts, plays, operas, and musicals, screen in music videos, television shows, and movies. Also, we provide the entire wardrobe.

“My Goodness, what can we say! RSDiva’s has got to be one of the best performances we have had in the 9 years !!”
Andrew D.