Hula Hoops show

Welcome to the Ground Hula Hoops Girl where you will find nothing but the finest quality professionalism.

These performances are tailored to help you create an extraordinary event that won’t be forgotten. Watch her dazzle your crowd with her grand finale of 100 hoops!

Hooping is a dynamic form of art that requires becoming one with the hoop, swirling and whirling it around the body in harmony, and this is not just limited to hooping around the hips. The Hoops girls hoop with their whole body, chest, neck, arms, legs, among many other tricks. She dazzles audiences of any age with her unique art and multiple hula-hoop routines.

Alluring 3 minute ground act involving manipulation of multiple hula hoops.
Performed by single artist.

Add some Whirling Amazement to your Next Entertainment!