LED Solo Drum Showcase

The LED Drum lets the drummer be the highlight of the show and gives your event a unique stage presence to stand out among the others.

ED light source with high brightness LED, red, green, and blue color components, colors brighter, pure color without spots.

The  Solo drum showcase happen for about 3minutes and then do 2x 20min sets with the DJ during the party. The solo can occur at the beginning or after the first set.

With LED Solo Drum is perfect to catch the audience’s eye!

The Bongo show provides an explosive energy that builds intensity with the audience as the intricate layers of drum beats and patterns interlock to form a harmonious rhythm which drives people to automatically want to move.

The show is performed with 2 djembe drummers with backing track music designed to compliment the drum choreography.

Also, the drummers can be included in one of our RSDivas Shows - The Modern Samba Show.