We Strive for Elegance - Professionalism &  Originality. 

RSDIVAS Creative Entertainment is a full live entertainment agency with over fourteen years of performing experience in Canada and abroad. It offers a wide variety of live entertainment showcases which have been recognized as the Best Live Entertainment in Canada: Top Choice Awards (2009, 2010 and 2011), Reader's Choice Award (2013), Wedding Industry Award (2014), and nominated by Canadian Special Events (2017).

The agency boasts a roster of talented, beautiful and highly trained professional performers and artistes from around the globe, with the goal of delivering stunning live entertainment that will infuse events with unmatched energy and excitement.

Jana Moric Artist Director / Founder of RSDivas Creative Entertainment Agency.


Our Mission
Is to deliver a client message and we have the imagination and know how to create a truly memorable experience to create your perfect vision.

What We've Achieved


  • Rich Bride Poor Bride
  • Rich Groom Poor Groom
  • Four Weddings Canada
  • Street Eats
  • Toronto Roger's Channel



  • VIERA Panasonic Plasma TV
  • DOLE Sparkles Real Fruit Beverage.


  • Nominated 2017 for Best Live Entertainment by Canadian Special Events - CSE
  • Reader’s Choice Award 2014 for Best Live Entertainment Toronto.

  • Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Award Winner for Best Live Entertainment.

  • Top Choice Award for Best Live Entertainment in Canada 2009. 2010. 2011.